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Pilates sessions and bespoke nutrition plans

"You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions."

Joseph Pilates

Nourish your mind and body with pilates


Strengthen your body with pilates classes, designed to be as calming or as challenging as you need them to be. Each 45 minute session will work your entire body. Challenge yourself and watch your body transform.


Pair your breath with your movements, tune into your body and leave the mat feeling energised and ready for your day. We will focus on breathwork and mindfulness throughout the session, deepening the mind body connection.


Commit to yourself- whether that's group classes once a week, multiple times a week or one to one sessions- this is your body, your time, you deserve to have the energy and confidence to enjoy your life.

Pilates options

One to one online

A one to one online session will be 45 minutes long and specific to your needs and fitness goals, working to progress your strength, form and flexibility.

Group class online

Sign up to a class, receive the link via email and log in ready to go for a dynamic 45 minutes pilates class. All you need is a mat and comfortable clothes

One to one in person

If you live in Hertfordshire, Highgate, Muswell Hill or surrounding areas, book in for a one to one and have a tailored pilates session in your home. During these sessions the exercises will be tailored to your needs and goals. Send an email to teamformpilates@gmail.com with your details and we can arrange a date and time that suits you.

Bespoke nutrition packages

Nutrition coaching

 I will get to know you, your habits and your goals and provide tailored nutritional and lifestyle advice. I’ll be in touch regularly to work with you as you implement these changes and enhance your health over 12 weeks.

Nourishment over calories

 I believe in intuitive eating, a balanced plate, nourishing whole foods and trusting your body for long term health and happiness. Whilst it’s important to understand energy expenditure vs intake, we will re-frame the focus to nourishment over calories and watch your health thrive.

A lifestyle approach

We’ll discuss not only nutrition, but other lifestyle factors such a sleep, hydration, gut health and hormone health. There will never be one ‘fix’ to how you’re feeling. Health is a complex puzzle with many factors and I’ll give you the resources and guidance to further your own education and keep the motivation alive.

Common diet concerns

Nutrition is the centre of health and wellness, and it can help with so many common problems impacting quality of life. If you suffer with digestive issues or low energy,  or have skin or weight concerns, we’ll work together and discuss diet and lifestyle factors which may help you.

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